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BASE aanwezig op de Jonge Balie Dagen 2016

Nieuws 06 July 2016

Donderdag 7 juli 2016 vinden de pleitwedstrijden van de Jonge Balie Dagen 2016 plaats. Als litigation firm is BASE actief betrokken bij deze wedstrijden, en is het inmiddels een jaarlijkse traditie dat er vanuit BASE Advocaten een jonge advocaat meedoet. Dit jaar neemt advocate Karen Hordijk deel aan de pleitwedstrijden.



De Jonge Balie Dagen
De Jonge Balie Dagen zijn een jaarlijks terugkerend evenement, dat door Stichting Jonge Balie Rotterdam wordt georganiseerd. Het doel van dit evenement is om jonge advocaten een bredere ontwikkeling op juridisch vlak te bieden, door het organiseren van lezingen, thema dagen en evenementen. Gedurende de Jonge Balie Dagen kunnen alle leden van de Jonge Balie Rotterdam zich verdiepen in wisselende juridische thema's.

Dit jaar staan de Jonge Balie Dagen in het teken van "Planet Earth 360". Wilt u meer weten over deze dagen? Bekijk het gehele programma op de officiële website.

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The Litigation firm

Solving your problem, so that you can continue with your business. That is what it is all about. It is our profession and our passion to make a business dispute or employment dispute manageable and to solve it. Sometimes we are able to do this by staying invisible by casebuilding the best file possible for and together with you behind the scenes. Being diplomatic where possible and aggressive where needed. And sometimes, full-on litigating is unavoidable. Because limits have been reached, because the other party remains unwilling to come to a constructive amicable solution, or because it may be important for your market reputation to draw a line.

Tailor-made service is key in the handling of each case. Because we are doing it together, lawyer and client. We invest in the mutual cooperation and we look in depth at your company and your market. BASE makes clear choices out of strength, because we only want to do what we are really good at and because you are simply counting on added-value. Therefor our practice focuses on Corporate & Commercial Litigation and Employment law.


Corporate & Commercial Litigation

At BASE Advocaten we practice the litigation- and dispute resolution practice at the highest level. We advise and assist domestic- and foreign clients in their vital business disputes. Disputes within the company, directors’ liability, shareholders disputes, disputes concerning commercial contracts, acting against (or for) financial institutions about duty of care-disputes and professional liability disputes. These are just some examples. Click below for further information.

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Employment law

BASE Advocaten provides topspecialists in Employment law. We act on behalf of employers (both domestic and foreign), individual directors/employees, and works councils. On a daily basis we advise and litigate on matters regarding (for example) the termination of employment, reorganizations, employment terms and conditions, disciplinary measures, employee participation and employer’s liability. Click below for further information.

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